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Welcome to my About page.

I've approached this a little differently, firstly I have included a bio relating to my origami flowers which is in suitably flowery language.... 

Sally is an artist living in South Devon who creates stunning paper flowers through the art of origami. Using nothing but paper and her skilled hands, she brings to life delicate and intricate blooms that are a true feast for the eyes. Her work showcases the beauty of the ancient Japanese art form and highlights the possibilities of creating something beautiful out of simple materials.

Each flower is crafted with care and precision, and the artist uses her expertise to fold and shape the paper into intricate designs. Her work is a testament to the power of creativity and imagination, as she transforms a simple sheet of paper into a work of art. Her paper flowers are a perfect example of how beauty can be found in unexpected places.

Through her work, the artist reminds us that words are not always necessary to convey a message. Her paper flowers speak for themselves, and their beauty is a universal language that anyone can appreciate. Her work is a celebration of the power of art to transcend language and cultural barriers and bring people together in appreciation of beauty.

And then I have compiled a gallery which is much more me...

Hover over the image for a brief explanation...

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